Animal Mix

Pouch Size: Mini Mix
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Welcome the brand new Aniaml Mix Sweet Pouch which is packed full of all kinds of fresh, high-quality sweets. This can range from gummy sweets to sour sugar sweets.

This Animal Mix contains a number of different branded sweets; vidal jelly filled snails, haribo terrific turtles, kingsway baby dolphins, haribo yellow bellies, vidal jelly filled turtles, kingsway sugarcoated glow worms, kingsway meerkats, kingsway giant dolphins, kingsway jelly sharks, swizzels fun gum pigs mugs, crazy candy factory pyscho mice, kingsway swirly fish, kingsway white mice, kingsways porky pigs, kingsway pink & white mice, kingsway chocolate flavoured mice

Occasionally we do go out of stock of a certain sweets, if this is the case we will double up on other selected sweets in your mix.

Pouch Sizes: 250g / 500g / 1000g / 1500g

Note: We can not guarantee the sweets in this pouch do not contain or been prepared in a free from nut (and other ingredients that cause allergies and dietary requirements) area.

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