Pink Paradise Sweet Jar

Size: 2.25L
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Welcome the brand new pink paradise ultimate sweet jar which is filled in a 2.25L or 970ml pet food-grade traditional victorian styled retro jar. Packed full of all kinds of fresh, high-quality pink sweets from our range.

This pink paradise ultimate sweet jar includes up to 15 different sweets; swizzles love heart mini rolls, kingsway pink bonbons, barratt foam shrimp, kingsway foam mushrooms, barratt milk bottles, kingsways fizzy dracula teeth, kingsways mini fangs, kingsway pink & white mice, kingsway fizzy giant strawberries, swizzles fun gums pig mugs (percy pigs).

Occasionally we do go out of stock of a certain sweet but if so we will double up on another choice from your selection. 

Please Note: If custom orders have not been filled out completely, your pouches will be filled with a random selection of sweets to ensure you have a random mix!

Note: We can not guarantee the sweets in this pouch do not contain or been prepared in a free from nut (and other ingredients that cause allergies and dietary requirements) area.

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