Vegan - Mystery Sweet Pouch

Size: 500g
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Our Vegan Mystery Sweet Pouch has been a perfect vegan gift idea for sweet lovers. All sweets included are vegan sweets, these sweets can also range from being gluten free sweets, gelatine free sweets, sugar free sweets, dairy free sweets, vegetarian sweets. Some of these UK vegan sweets also contain no artificial colours and no artificial flavours.

Our Vegan Mystery Sweet Pouch contains only the best confectionery for pick n mix pouches.

Kingsway Candy Necklaces, Kingsway Flying Saucers, Kingsway Tongue Painters, Kingsway Mermaids, Kingsway Giant Strawberries, Kingsway Dracula Teeth, Kingsway Space Mix, Kingsway Meerkats, Swizzels Mini Love Heart Rolls, Kingsway Sour Melon Slices, Kingsway Sour Dummies, Damel Sour Candy Shocks, Kingsway Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles, Kingsway Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies, Kingsway  Bubblegum Bottles, Kingsway Fizzy Strawberries, Kingsway Fizzy Sour Apples, Vidal Apple Belts, Kingsway Peach Rings, Kingsway Twin Cherries, Kingsway Fizzy Cherries

Occasionally we do go out of stock of a certain sweet but if so we will double up on another choice from your selection. 

If your looking for the best UK vegan sweets and cheapest UKs vegan pouches then you've come to the right place and better yet we ship worldwide!

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