Welcome to Royal Sweet Mix, we are your one stop online shop for Pick & Mix sweets, retro sweets and all of your favourite traditional sweets. We love sweets and we love offering a great range, some of our most popular products include our gift box hampers, sweet pouches and sweet jars.

Royal Sweet Mix was born out of childhood love for sweets. Getting pocket money from doing chores around the house or a getting treated from family members, we always knew what that money was getting spent on. Going down to your local corner shop and splurging on all you can with the limited amount of money you have for sweets! 

We want to make sure all of our sweets as children remain available to buy at the low price they once were in the 90/00's. We see a lot of other stores overcharging you just to put a pretty penny, we believe in LOW PRICES & HIGH QUALITY SWEETS.

We strive to tick everyone's boxes when it comes to a website and buying products online.

  • Customer Service
  • Cheap Prices
  • High Quality

Although we might revisit the past with our sweets we feel it is important that our website remains modern and we are constantly working to improve it.

We accept many payment methods including, Visa Debit, Visa Credit and Paypal.