Create Your Own 1KG Vegan Pick N Mix Sweet Pouch (Jumbo Vegan Sweet Pouch)

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Woolworths pick and mix sweets are back but have adapted to add Vegan Sweets, now being able to customise your own pick and mix sweet pouch! A few of our top picks you can add to this pouch can be Fizzy Twin Cherries, Sour Apple Slices and paint your tongue with Tongue Painters!

Please note that some sweets weigh different from others, we have our best seller Fizzy Apple Belts in our Vegan Pouch which do not weigh the same as Bubblegum Mermaid. No matter what sweets are a selection we will make sure your sweet pouch is filled to the necessary weight and filled to the brim.

Select up to 10 choices of sweets from our huge selection of 100+ pick and mix sweets for your sweet pouch and the job as a sweet picker will build your own pouch.

Unforturnelty we do sometimes run low on stock, when this happens we will either double up on another sweet selection or replace it with a similar sweet. Such as our Fizzy Peach Rings we could replace it with Fizzy Peaches.

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