Create Your Own 2KG Pick N Mix Sweet Pouch (Whopper Sweet Pouch)

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Have you ever wanted to create your own pick n mix sweet pouch? With this Pick N Mix Sweet Pouch, you can add up to 20 different sweets into one whopper sweet pouch!

Choose from our massive list of pick n mix sweets ranging from Fizzy Sweets, Gummy Sweets and even mix and match Vegan Sweets. From each of your custom sweet selections, we will add approximately 100g per selection.

This sometimes changes from the different sweet choices you pick into your pouch. If you select Haribo Yellow Belly Snakes, we will add 1-2 as they weigh 70grams per snake. Where a typical Foam Sweets could weigh only 2grams per sweet.

Occasionally we do go out of stock of a certain sweet but if so we will double up on another choice from your sweet selection. But we will always make the pouch filled to the brim to your sweet pouch weight.

Please Note: If your custom pick n mix pouch has not been filled out completely, your pouches will be filled with a random selection of sweets to ensure you have a random mix!

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