Ultimate Mixed Pick N Mix Sweet Pouch (Mystery Sweet Pouch)

Size: Mega Sweet Pouch (500G)
Sale price£5.95


We're pleased to present our mystery sweet pouches that come in a ziplock, food-grade white kraft pouch. This kraft pouch will be a transparent window to make your mouth water even more when viewing them, like a kid in a candy store!

Our zip lock bags are heat sealed, can be stood up (they great on the side!) and come with a resealable zipper (perfect for having just a few sweeties) as well as a tear notch. They are constructed with food grade pet kraft materials.

So how does our mystery Sweet Pouches work? We've made it nice and simple as well as great fun:

- Let's get straight into the best bit, we will be sure to fill your mystery sweet pouch to full of out 50+ different sweets we have, to make sure you get an all kind of tastes. We have everything from fizzy vegan sweets to soft Haribo classics.

To give you an example of this, if you choose Yellow Belly Snakes or Pink Paintballs and Liquorice Torpedos, you'll receive a lot more Liquorice Torpedos than you will Yellow Belly Snakes or Pink Paintballs!

- Once your pouch is full of sweets, we'll heat seal it and get it ready to be packaged and dispatched.

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